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Turn Up the Sound on Your B&W Hi-Fi Speakers

The world’s first B&W hi-fi speakers were produced in the 70s, and ever since, the brand has continued to focus on creating natural sound. With nearly 870 designs available, B&W speakers have evolved enormously in recent years. Today’s models still feature the same core elements of the disco era, including diamond tweeters, matrix technology, and carefully imagined cabinets. eBay has a wide range of B&W speakers available to browse.

How do B&W loudspeakers produce sound?

Many of the newer B&W hi-fi speakers feature Continuum cones, a fabrication designed by Bowers and Wilkins to produce a more realistic sound. The 800 series relies on a new design that includes a metal sink to absorb overwrought energy. You can expect several other advances from the brand:

  • B&W 600 Series speakers provide surround sound through a range of channels, bookshelf speakers, and subwoofers.
  • B&W P5 speakers are small headphones that produce a decidedly big sound with controlled and weighted bass.
  • B&W tower speakers are often built on spikes for optimal room placement.
  • B&W woofers have diamond, Continuum, and Aerofoil drivers to help devices cover the full sound spectrum.
What music preferences do B&W speakers suit?

B&W speakers can be used for any style of sound, whether it's rock, pop, or even a podcast. B&W offers a series of pocket-friendly offerings as well as high-end speakers that deliver premium sound:

  • If you favour vocals or classical music, floor-standing models are best.
  • 60s rock requires speakers that embolden middle tones.
  • Pop music requires flat sound at high volumes.
  • Bass-heavy tracks need loud, clear sound with powerful woofers that resist distortion.
What technology defines B&W speakers?

Before you buy B&W speakers, you should familiarise yourself with an engineer's thought process. This could help you to approach them more objectively:

  • The 600 Series is the entry-level range. All four models were designed for home theatre and analogue sound.
  • Each mid-range speaker has a decoupled dome tweeter to manage higher frequencies.
  • The 802 Diamond range was made to avoid colouring music. The diamond tweeter produces a nuanced interpretation of strings and bass.
  • Aerofoil woofers are engineered to manage high wattage without distortion.
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