Accentuate Your Ride With BMW Spoilers

To make sure you experience an enjoyable ride on busy city roads, or race tracks, select BMW spoilers. There are options on eBay to suit every driving need that you have, and these come in elegant styles.

What type of lip spoiler should you choose?

Several types of lip spoilers are available on eBay, and they are made of different materials. Popular options are made of polyurethane, which withstands impact and is ideal for drivers who use their BMW daily. Polyurethane lip spoilers are flexible, so they withstand the pressure of different speeds, and they are often compatible with several other types of spoilers. Many on eBay can be added to your car without having to remove the original bumper. Each spoiler may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Enjoy racing with BMW wings

Drivers who race on the track can find wings on eBay that enhance their experience. These help to apply a force that keeps the car pressed to the surface of each track. Wings are available in several styles, which enhance your car's appearance and improve aerodynamics. You can select both new and used wings on eBay, and several are made with carbon fibre.

Some wings can be easily mounted on the end plate yourself, while others may require professional installation. Several vendors provide wings in sets, but you can also select them separately. Some feature CNC-machined ribs, and you can choose the chord length that you need to deflect air upwards and reduce uplift on your BMW's tail.

Should you choose an ABS plastic spoiler or a carbon fibre spoiler?

Most BMW spoilers on eBay are made of ABS because this keeps fairly rigid at high speeds. These contain granular fillers that increase rigidity and allow you to maintain traction on highways. All spoilers on eBay should be chosen based on their ability to block undesirable airflow and reshape the air streams around your BMW. Carbon fibre is lightweight, so it does not impair your speed, but these options are more expensive. Vendors on eBay also have spoilers made from:

  • Aluminium.
  • Plastic.
  • Polyurethane.
Improve your profile with a rear spoiler

Rear spoilers are a popular option because they enhance the profile of your BMW without weighing it down. Many on eBay are really effective at reducing lift, so they allow your vehicle to use fuel more efficiently. Several on eBay incorporate the third brake light, and improve your safety at night. You can select from painted or unpainted options.