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BMW 1 Series carpets and floor mats

A resilient floor mat is the first line in protecting a BMW's interior from damage. Worn through carpets can decrease the value of a car, whereas heavy duty rubber floor mats can help protect against even the toughest boots and daily use. Branded mats help ensure a complete look, although there are plenty of compatible or specialist mats available in different styles, materials and colours to match any interior colour scheme or customisation project for your BMW 1 series here on eBay. BMW logo mats are perfect for car owners who take pride in their BMW 1 Series, and details such as extra thick heeled driver side mats are strong enough for daily long-distance driving. 

Complete overhaul of BMW floors

Sometimes it's better to start from the bottom up, with a complete floor system to be re-laid, and accompanying floor mats put over the top to protect the new flooring. Antislip mats are ideal for added safety, with Velcro or T shape mat fasteners available to reduce the possibility of a floor mat moving while either getting into or out of the car, or at worst while driving. Absorbent and rubber backed mats are also good for improving safety for drivers and passengers with mobility issues who might be at higher risk of a slip while entering or exiting the vehicle in wet weather. 

Luggage compartments or boots

Protecting the car's interior can also extend to the boot, with heavy duty car boot liners designed to protect the floor (and even the walls) of the car from anything from a mucky dog, to muddy boots, or a foldup bicycle. Waterproof luggage compartments reduce the cost of cleaning a car as the whole boot liner can be removed and washed separately from the car. Many of the designs are also oil-proof, which is ideal for dirty work tools or spare car parts. Custom boot liners are the ultimate way to maximise space without damaging the BMW's interior.