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BMW 5 Series air suspension parts

Replacing or repairing air suspension parts can drastically improve the running and safety of a BMW 5 Series. OES compressor kits can fit more than one model of car so it can be worth researching compatibility across different car models and years. 

Genuine used parts are popular as drivers can request a check that they were in good working condition before being removed from their previous cars. However, some new unbranded parts might be a more cost-effective option and checking that these parts will fit into factory mounting brackets in advance can avoid unnecessary works later on. 

Coil suspension conversions

Air to coil spring suspension conversion kits are available for BMW 5 Series where the driver wants to convert the vehicle. There are many reasons why switching from air to spring suspension might be considered, but it's important to check both the precise compatibility of the BMW parts that might be used with the vehicle itself. 

It might transpire that the car does not require a full switch from air to coils. It could just be that switching from old, and potentially under-performing, BMW air suspension parts to newer, sporty style parts might improve the drive of the BMW well enough to stick with an air suspension system. 

High quality parts for regular driving

Frequent drivers, and those who drive over rough terrain regularly, require high quality air suspension parts, both to improve comfort for themselves and their passengers, but also to avoid damage to the car itself. Extra resistant airbags are designed to withstand the stress of daily driving, as are pneumatic coil springs, especially when coupled with full airlift performance kits. Some complete 5 Series air suspension kits come with detailed installation manuals to make fitting as easy as possible, with a minimum margin of error.