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BMW 5 Series headlights & assemblies

Tailor your car to your own taste with BMW 5 series headlights. With colour, light source, and shape choices available to you, the choices and possibilities for your car's appearance are endless. 

Visually pleasing

Although they are specifically manufactured for the BMW 5 series, they can also be used on other vehicles as long as the light shape is similar enough, making it a versatile product. With an iconic and recognisable angel-eye shape on the 1995 - 2003 model of the BMW 5 Series, the vintage model of the car and its headlights have an eye-catching aesthetic that can be combined with newer models. 

Unique design

With choices from halogen for older models or LED from the newer styles, you can mix stronger headlights with an older car and vice versa. LED indicators are also made available for those who want a stronger light for safety and aesthetic reasons. 

The powerful LED headlights promise a 5000-hour lifespan with 4000 - 6000K light span, meaning that a majority of people pick it although it may be a battery drainer on a lot of older car batteries, therefore the Halogen lights are sometimes a better pick for some people. With a small light span difference of 3200 to 5000K, the 200 to 400 hour lifetime means a smaller drain on battery life more ideal for vintage models. 

Extra bits and bobs

If you would rather mix and match the pieces on the interior fo your headlights for your own, custom fit, then you can also find various parts here on eBay, like BMW 5 Series bulbs. Or, if you simply have a busted headlight and wanted it fixed without having to get an entire replacement, then the repair kits provided will get the job done effortlessly, in an easy-to-use fashion.