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A Shopper's Guide to Buying BMW X5 Model 7-Seat Cars

Manufactured since 1999, the BMW X5 has gone through four generations and several naming conventions for each of the versions of the crossover. BMW has issued a range of facelifts and generational updates for these vehicles. On eBay, you can choose from different specifications, versions, engine options, and colours of a new or gently used BMW X5 7-seater for sale at a reasonable price.

Specifications of the affordable, gently used BMW X5 7-seaters

The specifications of these BMW X5 automobiles include:

  • Curb weight: The dry weight range is 2,290 kilogrammes to 2,460 kilogrammes.
  • Wheel base: The wheel base length ranges from 3.555 metres to 3.755 metres.
  • Length: The length ranges from 4.668 to 4.928 metres.
  • Width: The width ranges from 1.999 metres to 2.007 metres.
  • Height: The height ranges from 1.733 metres to 1.767 metres.
Engine options for BMW X5s with seven seats

In the first generation, the BMW X5 7-seaters had engine options including inline-6s, V8s, and diesels. In their second generation, the engine sizes were upgraded, with the addition of the V-8 turbo, 555 horsepower. For the third generation, BMW offered the X5 7-seaters with options including a 450 horsepower V8 petrol and two diesel engines, which were six-cylinder in-line units, producing 258 horsepower to 381 horsepower. Engines for the fourth generation include a B58 turbocharged inline-6 petrol, N63 V8 petrol, and B57 inline-6 turbo diesel.

Versions of the pre-owned, inexpensive BMW X5 7-seaters

The versions and facelifts of the BMW X5 7-seaters include:

  • 2004: This facelift included the addition of Bluetooth technology.
  • BMW X5 M: This high-performance version featured the manufacturer's first M Power V-8 Turbo, 555 horsepower engine.
  • PHEV: In the third generation, BMW released the PHEV version, which is a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle with a 9 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack.
  • xDrive45e: This began production in 2019 for the 2020 model year, and it is an electric hybrid vehicle with a larger 24 kilowatt-hour battery pack.
How do you choose the right BMW X5 7-seater?

When you're shopping for an inexpensive BMW X5 with seven seats, consider its:

  • Colour: The options include black, blue, grey, silver, and white.
  • Model year: The range is 1999 to 2019.
  • Comfort options: Choose from options such as leather seats, electric heated seats, and cruise control.
  • Safety features: Some options include parking sensors, electronic stability programme, and anti-lock brakes.
  • Fifth door configuration: There are lift-backs hatchbacks for the fifth door.
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