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BT Corded Phones

While it was once a staple item in almost every home, the BT corded phone has been overtaken in popularity by the BT cordless phonein recent years. But everyone should have at least one corded phone in their home, purely for the fact that they're reliable.

Since the power for corded phonescomes from the telephone socket rather than your plug sockets, they'll keep your energy bills low, and you won't be uncontactable in the event of a power outage.

Corded phones tend to have a better sound quality too, with the only real downside being the fact that you have to remain in one place while talking. But that's less of an issue if your corded phone is next to a sofa or comfy chair in your living room.

Features of BT corded phones

So what should you choose? There are many handy features available on BT corded phones, so you should choose a phone with the best benefits to you.

A staple feature on mobile phones, and now increasingly common on corded house phones, is an answering machine. You'll never miss an important message again if your phone has some sort of message recording facility. Some feature more recording space than others, so check first.

Caller ID and memory is standard on mobile phones, but you should check to see if your corded phone has a caller ID function where you can save common names and numbers, and at the very least see the phone number of the person calling.

If your corded phone has a hands-free speakerphone feature, this will let you speak without having to hold the phone to your ear.

LED screens are perfect if you're hard of hearing. The screen will light up when your phone rings, making the number easier to read too.

These are just four popular features to watch out for when choosing a BT corded phone that suits your family. 

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