Everything You Need to Know About the BT Master Socket ADSL

The BT Master Socket ADSL is an important device for a reliable internet connection. Knowing its features and how it works can help you take advantage of what your BT fibre broadband offers. In addition, learning the different kinds of fibre broadband master sockets can help you choose the correct socket from the affordable choices available to you on eBay.

What are the different types of master sockets?

BT supplies different master sockets on eBay depending on the wiring of your home or your needs. Given that the master socket acts as the entry point of the service into your flat, it is recommended that your BT Hub is connected to a BT master socket ADSL in order to receive a quality and stable internet connection. The following are the types of master sockets to look for on eBay:

  • Master socket with a single socket- When using this kind of socket, it is a must to use a micro-filter for every device plugged into it, including but not exclusive to the BT Hub, digital TV boxes, and alarm systems.
  • Master socket with two sockets- These master sockets no longer require the use of a micro-filter, as it is already possible to separate where your phone is connected and where your broadband connection is hooked.
Do you need a micro-filter attached to the master socket?

If you are using a single master socket, yes. Micro-filters allows you to enjoy speedy Broadband connection while still enjoying the use of your telephone. You and others in your home can simultaneously be online. These devices allow you to connect your phone and internet at the same time, on a single socket. Micro-filters are able to do this because they are able to designate a certain port for the telephone. The other port of the micro-filter will be specifically for Broadband internet connectivity use only. Micro-filters are commonly used when you have a telephone and only have a single BT master socket ADSL.

What is a master socket?

A master socket is used in telecommunications as the main entry point of service into your home. It is commonly installed or found near your home's front door and is encased in a white box. If you are staying in an old flat, a junction box might be the entry point of every service into your home. Most internet service providers recommend that you connect your router or modem through the master socket as it is where you get maximum performance and speed from your service.

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