Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors for ultimate peace of mind

For sweet dreams for both you and baby, baby monitors are a great option for extra peace of mind. There is a host of innovative designs available with functions you never even dreamed youd need. With these latest designs, you can choose from basic models with breathing functions to high tech options with voice and picture baby monitors. Youll find a range of top baby monitor brands including Motorola, BT, Tommee Tippee and TOMY plus many others in new and used condition. 

Video and sound features

With the latest technology, you can get total peace of mind that your little one is having a comfortable nights sleep. Using video and sound functionality, there is a wide range of baby monitors that offer clear digital monitoring and infrared night vision. Many models also have long range connectivity so you can connect with ease and use in most rooms of the house. This type of monitor also has sensitive microphones so you can pick up any noises with ease, plus the long battery life ensures you there is constant communication from the device throughout the night. 

Mobile technology

If youre looking for a monitor which incorporates mobile technology, there is a wide selection of digital video monitors that directly link to your smartphone or tablet. These intelligent devices have a vast range of features from notifying you when your baby cries to communicating the temperature of the room to make it more comfortable, some also play lullabies and can switch on nightlights. 

Portable and travel options

The beauty of baby monitors is that they are often easily portable so you can take them on holiday with you. Some models have the option of EU plugs adaptors too and alongside being light and compact, they make the perfect travel companion for small tots. 

Top Products in Baby Monitors

  • BT Night Vision 2 Way Talk Video Baby Monitor 4000 With Temperature Sensor White
  • Baby Monitor Set Wireless Video Camera Toddler Safety Cam Night Vision 2way Talk
  • Lullaby Bay Wireless Video Baby Monitor With Digital Camera. Anti hack 3. 2 8
  • HOMIEE 720p Wireless Video Baby Monitor With 5” HD LCD Digital Screen Babmax
  • Motorola MBP36S Night Vision Digital Camera Video Baby Monitor
  • GHB Video Baby Camera Monitor with 2.4" with Night Vision
  • BT 087430 Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow B
  • British Telecom 088303 BT Video Baby Monitor 2000
  • Motorola MBP481 Video Baby Monitor 2 Inch Display
  • S150 Motorola Focus 73 Connect HD Outdoor Monitor
  • Motorola MBP 482xl WOW Video Monitor
  • BT 088304 Video Baby Monitor 3000