Baby Reborn Dolls

How to Shop for Reborn Baby Dolls

Reborn dolls are also known as life-like infant dolls, which are manufactured by an artist to resemble realistic human infants. After creation, which is referred to as Reborning, dolls are adopted by collectors. There are many Reborn baby dolls available for adoption on eBay.

Are all Reborn babies newborns?

Reborn babies are available as newborns, but the dolls are available in many stages, including:

  • Preemie
  • Newborn
  • Older baby
  • Toddler
What Reborn accessories allow customisation of the dolls?

Many Reborn dolls are adopted as is, but the dolls can also be built from scratch or customised with accessories. Some artists offer special packages that include outfits and accessories such as homecoming clothes, birthday celebration outfits, and Halloween costumes. Accessories that allow users to create their own stories for their dolls may include:

  • Baby shower party decorations such as invitations and cakes
  • Rattles and baby toys
  • Body plates to create more girth
  • Outfits including Christening gowns and costumes
  • Nursery announcements
Are all Reborn dolls created as humans?

No, artists all over the country create Reborn babies, so there are many variations. While most Reborn babies that are "put up for adoption" are created to be humans, there are alternatives to humans. All Reborn babies begin as a kit. The kits are highly customisable and allow some artists to create truly unique dolls. Examples of non-human Reborn dolls include:

  • Baby gorillas
  • Baby clowns
  • Baby unicorns
  • Cherubs
Are Reborn life-like dolls customisable?

Yes, some artists offer buyers the opportunity to customise their Reborn doll. Usually, customisation is done with specific information like skin colour, eye colour, and hair colour. In some situations, an artist may be able to recreate a doll to look like an infant via photo. However, most artists create a doll to make it look as life-like as possible and then put it up for "adoption" as is. Reborn doll collectors and creators handle each transaction like an actual real-life baby adoption. While it might not be possible for every doll collector to customise their own doll, shoppers can narrow their results by shopping for Reborn dolls that have just been born or those that are orphaned. Criteria that can be used to search include:

  • Length in centimetres
  • Ethnicity (even bi-racial ethnicities)
  • Choice between open or closed eyes and eye colour
  • Hair colour, amount of hair, and whether the doll is bald or has very little hair
  • Rosy or pale cheeks