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Bach Trumpets

A trumpet is a brass instrument similar to a cornet that is used in a number of musical genres. It plays the highest register of the brass family and is the most popular and most frequently used instrument in the brass family.

Trumpets are most commonly tuned in B♭ and uses three or sometimes four valves to change pitch. It can also be tuned to A, C, D, E♭, E, low F and G.

Trumpets can be used in a variety of different music genres, including:

  • Orchestral
  • Concert bands
  • Brass bands
  • Jazz music
  • Popular music

Bach are one of the most popular manufacturers of trumpets and have been creating trumpets since 1924.  Bach also make trombones, flugelhorns and cornets.

Bach have a wide variety of trumpets, ranging from student models designed specifically for beginners, through to professional models. The trumpets they make are sometimes referred to as ‘Stradivarius’, which gives the name Bach Stradivarius. 

The range of trumpets Bach offer are as follows:

Student Trumpets

  • Tuned in B♭
  • Combination of quality and affordability
  • Easy to play, provides quick development
  • Models – TR300H2, TR500, TR600

Intermediate Trumpets

  • Tuned in B♭
  • Adopts professional features
  • Colourful sound and excellent tone quality
  • Suited to all situations
  • Model – TR200

Professional Trumpets

  • Tuned in B♭, C, D/E♭, E♭
  • Very versatile for any situation or genre
  • Warm sound
  • Great projection

Specialty Trumpets

  • Tuned in B♭
  • B185 Triumphal Trumpet – warm sound and great projection
  • B188 Bass Trumpet – rounded sound, ideal for jazz, brass quartets and marching bands

Bach also specialise in mouthpieces for brass instruments. Choosing the right mouthpiece can improve durability, articulation and extend capabilities.

There are many other accessories available to buy for your Bach trumpet, including:

  • Hard cases which are ideal for travel
  • Soft cases for comfort
  • Stands
  • Mutes
  • Valve oil
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