Things You Should Know Before You Purchase a Bailey Senator Touring Caravan

Are you looking for a touring caravan that can be a perfect home while you travel? If so, you will be happy to know that eBay has a wide selection of Bailey Senator Series 6 touring caravans for sale. Before you make your purchase, there are some things you should know about buying a Bailey caravan online.

Which Bailey Senator caravans can you buy on eBay?

The eBay website offers a varied selection of Bailey touring caravans, and the Senator line is equipped with features that make it comfortable and practical. Some models include:

  • Bailey Senator California: The Bailey Senator Series 6 California is a single-axle, four-berth, fixed-bed caravan that offers a comprehensive set of options. The California features solar panels, window blinds, central heating, a CD player, and a cooker.
  • Bailey Senator Carolina: The Bailey Senator Carolina Series 6 is an exceptional twin-axle, six-berth caravan with three fixed bunk beds. The Bailey Senator Carolina caravan has window blinds, a CD player, a cooker, and a porch awning.
  • Bailey Senator Indiana: The Indiana has a fixed double bed with four berths, an awning, window blinds, external side lockers, a mains hookup, and a sunroof. A grill, a microwave, an AM/FM Stereo, and a CD player help to round out this caravan's extensive set of features.
  • Bailey Senator Louisiana: This four-berth caravan has a convertible double bed. Kitchen amenities include a grill, a cooker, a fridge, and a microwave. Other features include window blinds, a CD player, and a side bathroom with a separate shower.
  • Bailey Senator Oklahoma: The Senator Oklahoma caravan is a four-berth fixed double bed model that features external side lockers. Its well-equipped kitchen includes a grill, oven, sink, fridge, and cooker.
  • Bailey Senator Wyoming: The Wyoming is four-berth caravan that features a large end bedroom with a fixed double bed. The entertainment system is equipped with a CD player, a DVD player, and an AM/FM radio. A fridge, microwave, grill, porch awning, and bathroom with separate shower make the Wyoming a great way to travel.
How do you choose a Bailey Senator caravan?

Before you purchase your caravan, there are several basic features you will probably want to consider.

  • Capacity: Caravans have between two and six berths.
  • Berth: The bed style is fixed or convertible.
  • Appliances: Caravans might have a cooker, fridge, microwave, CD player, or TV.
  • Enhancements: Some caravans have additional options like solar panels, awnings, and central heating.
Save money on your purchase of a Bailey Senator caravan

You can sometimes save money on your purchase if you opt for a caravan that offers standard features and that has no upgraded components. Bidding in an eBay auction, rather than paying the asking price, can also be a way to lower the price tag on your purchase of a Bailey caravan.