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Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women

Display your Skills with Ballroom Dance Shoes

To improve your stride and gain the stability you need while executing complex moves, use ballroom dance shoes. Footwear on eBay provides you with the agility you need, while ensuring that your arch is cushioned during hours of dancing.

Will all ballroom dance shoes place your weight at the same location?

No. ballroom dance shoes have heels of different heights, and the height determines how balanced you will feel while dancing. Very high heels place a lot of your weight toward the front of your body, and a lower heel will move your centre of gravity backwards.

What size should you buy in a ballroom dance shoe?

Ballroom dance shoes need to be as tight as possible, so you should always select a pair from eBay that is one size smaller than you typically need. Shoes normally stretch after you wear them for a while and if you select your usual size, your ballroom shoes will start to feel loose on your feet. Selecting a smaller size ensures that even after being stretched, they will still fit snugly.

Should you select an open-toe shoe?

Many people like the look of open-toe ballroom dance shoes, and if you are a beginner, you can choose this or any other style, since you will not be doing a lot of complex moves. As you start to specialise in particular forms of dance, such as salsa, you will have to choose between a closed-toe and open-toe shoe. Salsa and rumba dancers need to point their toes, and the open design gives them more flexibility while they articulate their feet. If you like to waltz, your teacher will probably recommend that you stick to tradition and wear closed-toe shoes. Keep the following in mind while selecting shoes from eBay for ballroom dance:

  • Men do not usually have to buy several pairs for different kinds of dance, and stick to black Oxfords.
  • Women who prefer high heels can choose flared options from eBay.
  • Flashy rhinestone shoes look great during competition.
Is a suede sole the best option for ballroom dance shoes?

Yes. Many people find that suede allows them to move smoothly across the dance floor because it is a supple material, and many selections on eBay have suede soles. Suede is a natural material so through it you can feel the amount of pressure that is applied to the floor, and reorient yourself accordingly while you dance. Materials like suede also allow you to push off from the floor with power, ensuring that each dance move projects the energy and dynamism required.

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