Bar Billiards Table

Billiards has been a popular game for an incredibly long time and enthusiasts can't enjoy this sport without a good bar billiards table. Bar billiard tables are made up of different parts and sections. This includes the core of the table, the cloth, rails and even the cabinets. Different materials are more suited to different levels of experience and can impact the playability greatly.

The Core

The core is underneath the cloth. A slate core is usually concrete that has been mixed with wood, however, a wooden slate is made out of particle board or plywood alone. Slate does not warp and often comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is possible to get a slate billiards table in one or three pieces, with the one piece being easier to keep level due to the sturdy build. A wooden core will reduce the total cost drastically, however, the core can warp over time due to spillages, temperature fluctuations and other external factors.

Rails, Pockets and Cabinets

Rails are made out of pressed wood or solid wood. Solid wood provides a good bounce for the ball and the grain in the wood can really bring out the aesthetic appearance. Pressed rails are easy to be re-felted however they can be prone to rot. Pressed rails are notably cheaper when compared to solid wood and can still last for in excess of 10 years without needing any sort of repair.


There are plenty of brands who make cloth suited to bar billiard tables. This includes Brunswick and Simonis, Championship, Valley, Imperial and Mali. Different cloths will give you a different playing experience, with some designed to be more hardwearing and others designed to give you a completely level playing surface. The cloth you choose will largely depend on the style of table you are choosing, however, it is not uncommon for heavily used bar billiard tables to be re-felted over time.