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Baritone Horns

A baritone horn - or baritone -  is one of the lowest pitched instruments in the brass family. It is very similar to a euphonium, but should not be confused with it.

The main difference between a baritone and a euphonium is the size. A baritone is  a cylindrical bore, which gives a brighter sound, whereas a euphonium is a conical bore, giving a mellower sound. The technique and range of these instruments are identical, making it easy for musicians to switch between the two.

A baritone is usually tuned in B, and music can be written in the bass clef or the treble clef. The sound of a baritone is somewhere between a trombone and a euphonium, a mixture of bright and mellow.

The baritone can be played in a number of different musical ensembles, including:

● Brass bands

● Concert bands

● Modern orchestras

Models of Baritone Horn

Compensating and Non-Compensating

  • Compensating baritones have extra tubing
  • Gives better pitch and intonation in low registers
  • Well suited for professionals


  • Easier to support when standing and moving
  • Bell is front facing rather than upward facing

There are many manufacturers of brass instruments, and the most popular for baritones are:

  • Yamaha
  • King
  • Jupiter
  • Holton

These manufacturers make baritones for different abilities at varied prices. Usually the lowest in price is student models. These models are usually smaller and non-compensating, which is why they are the most affordable.

Intermediate baritones are slightly larger and are compensating models to progress players to the next level. Most of these models are silver-plated to improve the sound.

Professional models are much more developed, with excellent craftsmanship and are also silver-plated. They are the most expensive models due to these factors.

There are many accessories you can buy for baritone horns, including:

  • Hard cases
  • Soft cases
  • Mutes
  • Stands
  • Straps
  • Valve oil
  • Mouthpieces
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