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Barker Men's Brogues

Barker men's brogues are popular all over the world for their style and durability. They are made using Goodyear welted construction, which means the sole of the shoe is joined to the upper with an additional layer of leather or rubber. This provides extra strength to the overall construction of the shoe.

Choose a pair of Barker men's brogues in leather with a choice of either round or pointed toes .

Styles of brogue

Wingtip or full brogues have a pointed toe cap with extensions down both sides of the shoe. Semi-brogue Barker shoes have a decorated toe cap, with a decorated line across the shoe. Men's quarter brogues have a decorated line, but no perforations.

Caring for brogues

Barker men's brogues have different finishes and this will determine how you care for them. If they are high-shine or patent, it is not recommended to use shoe polish or cream. These should simply be wiped with a damp cloth.

To polish shoes, gently remove all dirt before applying cream or polish. Allow this to dry then remove excess polish with a soft brush, then buff with a soft cloth to restore the shine. Regular cleaning will help prolong the life and softness of the leather.

Wearing them in over short periods will help the leather to mould gently to your foot and walking habits. It's also advisable to wear them in in dry conditions, as new leather soles can be slippery in wet weather. If the shoes become wet, do not dry them near any form of heat such as a radiator. Fill them with newspaper and allow to dry slowly over a few days.

Barker Shoes

Barker Shoes have been making quality shoes since 1880. They originally made men's boots and shoes. They were founded by Arthur Barker, who then ran the firm with his family and it is still run by them today. They still maintain the high standards that were kept under Arthur's management and are known internationally for high quality shoes.