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Upgrade Your Bathroom With Bathroom Basins and Sinks

Remodelling your bathroom is an exciting project, and there is no end to the styles, designs and layouts you can choose. Not only can you have the shower and tub of your dreams, but you can also outfit your new bathroom with any type of bathroom furniture that you like. Basins, toilets, vanities, shelves, bathroom sink cabinets, and more can all be configured to your specifications, and once you have planned your bathroom layout, you can find good deals on all types of bathroom units on eBay.

What types of bathroom furniture are there?

While you can put any type of furniture you want in a bathroom, there are some important pieces that you should include. Bathroom furniture typically consists of items such as:

  • Vanity unit - A vanity usually consists of a basin and a cabinet, which can be above or below the basin.
  • Toilet - A toilet is designed to take care of human waste. There are many modern toilets that are energy efficient and consume a minimal amount of water. They can have tanks or be tankless.
  • Basin - A basin is a sink that has some type of running water and washing area inside a bowl. The basin can be a stand-alone model or be sunk into a cabinet or stand.
  • Cabinet - Cabinets serve to store common bathroom items like soap, towels, medicines, shampoos, and other items.
  • Shelves - Shelves are handy for storing items within easy reach.
  • Towel rods - Towels are hung on these handy rods that are usually affixed to a wall.
Toilet and basin vanity units

When space is at a premium in your bathroom, it may be a good idea to install a combined toilet and basin vanity unit. A combined vanity unit with basin and toilet is usually constructed in a side-to-side formation that essentially places the basin next to the toilet, with a cabinet underneath the basin. Bathroom vanity units with basin and toilet combinations save space and also add to the attractiveness of the bathroom with matching designs for the toilet and basin.

What types of combined toilet and basin vanity units are there?

There are many styles of these new combined toilets and basin vanities. You can have units that have the toilet and sink side-by-side or even have the basin above the toilet. They can be configured to have the basin on the right or left of the toilet. The space beneath bathroom vanity units can have cabinets above and below, solely above, or with no cabinets at all.

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