Bass Drums

The bass drum is a vital part of any drum kit. There are many options available to ensure that you find the right bass drum to match your style.

Things to consider when buying a bass drum 

  • Size – Bass drums are available in a range of sizes which have a dramatic impact of the sound they produce. Large bass drums provide increased volume and additional low end thump making them well suited to heavier genres of music. Smaller bass drums possess a punchier tonal quality which is desirable in many genres such as jazz
  • Material – Bass drums are traditionally made from wood, and there are many variations to choose from. The type of wood used will have an impact on the sound, quality and price. Other materials are also available for the less traditional drummer, such as acrylic or metal
  • Drumheads or skins - have a big influence on the sound and feel of any bass drum. It is easy to change drumheads providing a way to adapt or add increased clarity to your sound. Bass drums are available with or without sound holes. This impacts on the sound, but a sound hole can make it easier to place a microphone inside, so it is something to consider if you will be playing live with microphones

Benefits of owning a quality bass drum 

  • Durability – Bass drums are built to be durable and able to withstand the stresses of drumming
  • Consistent sound quality – A quality bass drum will be easy to tune, and offer tuning stability ensuring you have the best sound possible
  • Non slip – Quality bass drums are available with a variety of stands and grips ensuring that they do not move, even under the heaviest drumming
  • Range of finishes – Available in a range of finishes enabling you to find a bass drum to match your style

Care and Accessories 

  • Cases – Drum cases are available in sizes to fit all bass drums, ensuring your drum is protected when in transit
  • Mats – Drum mats are available providing your kit with increased stability, whilst also protecting the floor