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Finish Your Bathroom With an Over-Bath Shower Screen

An over-bath shower screen helps you finish off your bathtub setup and keep water from getting onto the floor. Products come in a variety of styles and make use of different materials of construction. In addition, there are several different shapes and installation types available to suit the dimensions and setup of your current bathroom.

What are some of the different shapes and fits available?

Fits and shapes of the over-bath shower screens available vary on an individual product basis. Among the products available, there are both rounded and square edges along the top sides of the screens. Each over-bath shower screen features different dimensions, so it is important that you know what size is appropriate for your bathroom to ensure a proper installation process. Products can be fitted onto your bathtub in a variety of ways depending on the product. Fittings can provide resistance to water leakages through connection points. While some make use of hinges that can open like a door, others are designed to be fitted over the edges of the bathtub and rails and remain in place. In addition to single-pane screens, there are folding screens that make use of multiple panes separated by a connecting frame and flexible joints.

What materials are used to make the products?

Materials may vary, but several are quite common. The shower screen you choose may include:

  • Glass: The primary material used in the over-bath shower screens available is glass. It provides a smooth, transparent barrier that is not damaged by water.
  • Rubber: Connecting pieces use different materials. Several fittings that provide seals are made of rubber, however.
  • Metal: Hinges and joints use different metals such as stainless steel.

Each material used in a screen is resistant to water damage to provide durability to your setup.

Do the screens available have any functional features?

In addition to standard over-bath shower screens, there are screens available that feature towel handles on their exterior. This feature is useful in that the person inside of the bathtub does not need to exit the tub to easily reach a towel. The towel remains protected from water while the water runs thanks to the handles being centred in the pane. This feature may also prove useful if you do not currently have enough towel handles in your current bathroom but do not have space for a new handle to be installed. Prior to the purchase of a screen, evaluate the setup of your current bathroom to see if this feature may be useful.

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