Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors to match your home

Add the final touches to your bathroom with a stylish and functional bathroom mirror. Large wall-mounted models are suited to bathrooms with more space, whilst simple cabinet or extending mirrors are best for more compact bathrooms. Choose a modern style to match your home or get a mirror with a retro design to use as a statement piece. 

Bathroom wall mirrors

Created in a truly subtle style with pure function in mind, a frameless rectangle bathroom mirror is perfect for hanging above your sink. Four pre-drilled holes make for easy installation whilst the chrome fixings are understated. 

Choose something with a touch of decorative charm to give match your bathroom with the rest of your home. A square mirror uses etched lines around the outer edges to mimic a frame. 

Or, add extra functionality to your home with a lit up bathroom mirror with Bluetooth speakers. The LED lights offer more visibility and also create a futuristic feel whilst the Bluetooth speakers let you listen to your favourite songs whilst in the shower. 

Add an extra storage space to your bathroom with a shelf-mounted mirror. Framed in timeless white wood panelling, a shelf protrudes from the very bottom of this mirror, perfect for storing toothbrushes, toothpaste and other cosmetics. 

Compact bathroom mirrors

Perfect for applying detailed makeup, a two-sided cosmetic mirror mounts to the wall and extends when in use. One side is a standard mirror, whilst the other offers ten times magnification. When folded away, this mirror sits flush against the wall, perfect for smaller spaces. 

Or choose a portable cosmetic mirror in either pink or white for something that you can move around the bathroom. 

Get a close shave every time with a shaving mirror for the shower. Look out for mirrors that simply hook to any surface to provide an easy way to shave or ones that are made from acrylic so theres no danger of smashing it in the shower.