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Add a Waterfall Basin Tap to Your Room

You can add a contemporary look to your bathroom with a waterfall basin tap. There is a wide selection of waterfall taps for sale on eBay. Here are a few things to know before making your next purchase.

What is a waterfall tap?

The waterfall tap works like a traditional tap. It has a more contemporary look than other taps on the market. These taps have a single spout that streams water into the water basin or tub. Waterfall taps come in various sizes and widths. Traditional taps have separate spouts for cold and hot water. Waterfall taps combine hot and cold water streams for a more controlled temperature. The waterfall tap creates a cascade of water rather than a heavy stream. With a waterfall tap, you can control the water flow with one handle. You can also find the right temperature with a left or right turn of the lever. These taps are found in bathrooms and kitchens as well. They may have a contemporary look, but they can be used in any type of room décor.

What materials are used to make a waterfall tap?

Most waterfall basin taps are made with stainless steel. This metal is used to prevent the build-up of rust in the tap. You can find waterfall taps made with other materials as well. Brass is another material choice for a waterfall tap. These taps have a hand-polished chrome finish for a more contemporary look to your bathroom. You can find waterfall taps in a variety of finishes from chrome to black.

What is the flow rate of a waterfall tap?

Each waterfall tap will have a different flow rate. Some examples of these flow rates include the following:

  • Flow rate at 0.2 bar - 5.3 li/min
  • Flow rate at 0.5 bar - 8.2 li/min
  • Flow rate at 1 bar - 11.3 li/min
  • Flow rate at 2 bar - 16 li/min
  • Flow rate at 3 bar - 19 li/min
Who manufactures a waterfall basin tap?

Waterfall taps are made by companies that specialise in this tap style. They design waterfall taps to be used in the bathroom or other rooms. You can find a waterfall tap to fit on a vanity sink or a soaking bathtub. These taps can come with many special features as well. Some taps even have LED lights to illuminate the water as it leaves the tap. Some of these manufacturers include the following:

  • Orchard
  • Mode
  • Kraus
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