Important Information to Know Before Shopping For a Bathroom TV

A lot of people like to get their morning news while they get ready in the morning. Usually, this comes through listening to the radio, but now you can find an array of different high-tech bathroom televisions to make your morning routine less mundane. eBay has a wide selection of bathroom TVs to choose from, but you might want to know a bit more first to help you make the best purchase.

What are some of the features of bathroom TVs?

A bathroom TV is in a special situation since the climate in the bathroom isn't an ideal space for an electronic device. The following are some of the features you should look for when shopping for a bathroom TV on eBay:

  • Water-resistant speakers - These types of TVs have waterproof speakers that can be used anywhere in the bathroom without water getting in, destroying, and breaking up the audio signal.
  • Waterproof remote - The remote is also waterproof, so you can also use it without having to completely dry off or even get out of the shower.
  • Mirror - When the LCD screen is turned off on many of these devices, the unit is converted to a mirror, giving it 2-for-1 functionality.
  • Heated glass - The glass used in the screen is slightly heated, meaning it won't fog up in misty environments.
  • Hangable - There is an apparatus on the back, so you can hang it anywhere in the bathroom you want.
Are there models that can be embedded in mirrors?

Yes. Many people choose to have a bathroom TV installed in their mirror since this is the part of the room where they will have the chance to spend the most screen time. The unit is easy to install into the mirror thanks to the installation box it comes with. The embedded look gives the TV a sleek design that will increase the value of your bathroom.

What brands are available?

A variety of different bathroom TV models are available on eBay at various price points. Each has its own features and basic design in terms of size, weight, and colour. If you are interested in a bathroom TV, consider purchasing from one of these brands:

  • Tech20
  • ProofVision
  • TileVision
What inputs are available?

Bathroom TVs come with a tuner, so you can use an antenna to tune in to local television. There are also a variety of other inputs available, such as the following:

  • VGA - This allows users to run a computer to the television.
  • RCA - This allows you to run a VCR and use the RCA outs to run the television to external speakers.
  • HDMI - This allows you to connect a DVD player, Blu-ray player, or laptop to the television.