Beach Kaftans

A Beach Kaftan - Essential Holiday Wear

When youre packing to go away, the weight of your suitcase is always a concern. A beach kaftan is a must-have for your summer holiday because of its sheer versatility. It can be worn around the resort when youre by the pool or on the beach, but it looks equally good when youre shopping, sightseeing, or even for evenings out. Most importantly, its extremely comfortable. Whatever your personal taste in clothes and whatever style suits you, youll be sure to find the beach kaftan you need on eBay - and all at affordable prices.

What factors should you consider when choosing a beach kaftan?

Apart from whether to buy a used or new beach cover-up, think about:

  • Label: Select between non-branded and branded clothes.
  • Style: Beach kaftans on eBay include dresses, skirts, tabards/tunics, sarongs, and shawl wraps.
  • Colours: Apart from the classic black and white, choose from the wide range of colours to match or complement your swimwear.
  • Patterns: Monochrome, geometric prints, floral and polka dots are just some of the many patterns available.
  • Size: Beach kaftans are sold in UK dress sizes or as S, M, L, etc., and some might have the chest/length measurements as guidelines.
  • Length: From minis to maxis, choose the style youre most comfortable in.
  • Sleeves: Sleeveless, batwings, off-the-shoulder, short, or long sleeves are some of the styles of beach kaftans available.
How can you wear your beach kaftan?

All beach kaftans can be worn comfortably as day-time wear. However, if youre planning on wearing it for evenings too, you could select a kaftan which is decorated with tassels, lace, embroidery, crocheting, and/or sequins. Even the plainest kaftans can be changed completely by the addition of other separates and/or accessories. Eye make-up, jewellery, and/or a belt can magically transform casual wear into a glamorous evening gown or cocktail dress.

Which material is the best for a beach kaftan?

Among the wide variety of beach kaftans on eBay, youll find ones made of natural, manmade, and blended fabrics including cotton, chiffon, and polyester. Your choice will depend on the climate of your holiday destination. Manmade materials allow your skin to breathe in very high temperatures and keep you cool. Another consideration is how much care the beach kaftan needs to look good. Lightweight fabrics which can be washed and dried quickly are an advantage when on holiday. When youre getting ready to go out, you dont want to waste your time ironing your clothes.