Bean Bag & Inflatable Furniture

Bean Bag and Inflatable Furniture

Available in an array of styles and sizes well suited to modern day living, bean bag and inflatable furniture are both versatile and lightweight.

Bean bag furniture commonly consists of a large cushion or fabric sack filled with polystyrene beads or dried beans, which is used as a seat. Its melt into qualities mould into the contours of the body, making the shape of the cushion set by the user.

This style of contemporary furniture is a popular choice amongst both adults and children, combining comfort and portability. Because of its supreme comfort, bean bag furniture is also an excellent form of alternative seating for meditation or stress relieving therapies that enhance wellbeing.

Bean bags for childrens bedrooms are available in a large variety of vibrant colours, faux fur and brightly patterned designs. Covers are also available in themed prints and cartoon characters, which are especially ideal for a nursery or a playroom.

In addition, there are many more grown up options that are made from real leather, faux leather, suede and subtle toned fabrics which can provide low key comfort in many traditional and modern interior settings.

Bean bag furniture can also be purchased in the form of an armchair, which is designed with a specific function in mind such as video gaming. Popular with adults and teens, these squashy, low level recliner chairs will give you long lasting comfort when gaming over long periods of time.

Not only is bean bag furniture really comfortable, but it is also a great solution to outdoor seating for a garden or a patio. Different sizes are available with hardy waterproof covers suitable for outdoor use.

Inflatable furniture can add an inexpensive, off the wall touch to your home. These items are available in a large range of shapes in designs of different sizes from pop up pouffes and chilled out chairs to inflatable sofas to lounge bag hammocks. This type of furniture is supremely versatile in that it can be easily carried when on the move and so they can be taken to the lounge, bedroom, poolside or porch and inflated in an instant.

Increasingly popular on the festival circuit novelty inflatable furniture can provide a real fun factor. This type of take anywhere pop up furniture design is often shaped around a theme and can be used indoors or out. Doughnut shaped single and double figure of eight blow up seats have massive appeal as gaming pods and can provide quirky comfort when glamping.

Top Products in Bean Bag & Inflatable Furniture

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