A Beauty Trolley Keeps you Organised

To easily find your beauty supplies whenever you need them, use a beauty trolley. Colourful selections on eBay show off your tools to your clients, inviting them to try new products.

Are there beauty trolleys which are designed for waxing?

Yes. There are several waxing trolleys on eBay, which keep your waxing equipment in order, saving you time while preventing excessive reaching for your equipment. These include appropriately-sized drawers for your spatulas, tweezers, strips, and lotions.

What type of material is used to make beauty trolleys?

All beauty trolleys on eBay are made using water-resistant material that can handle the weight of shampoos, lotions, and other heavy bottles. Many are made of chrome, which is easy to clean, durable, and blends in well with your other salon equipment. Several on eBay come in white, powder-coated steel, which is easy to blend with your decor, and a bit heavier than aluminium options. Heavy options may suit salons which need fairly permanent storage option, that will not easily topple over.

Are are beauty trolleys made in open styles?

No. There are several options on eBay that suit people who prefer a compact style, and these close completely, so no one can see what is inside. These may sometimes resemble a suitcase, and have several types of handles attached, making it easy to switch your grip as you travel long distances. Casters on these are just as durable as on other types of beauty trolleys, and may be large to support additional weight. If you travel frequently with trolleys, look for the following on eBay:

  • Foam inserts which protect nail polish, powders, and other products packaged in glass.
  • Locks which help you keep your investments safe, and free from contamination in different salons or at expos.
  • Lots of storage space, so you have everything you need for any makeup demonstration.
How many shelves come with a beauty trolley?

Most beauty trolleys on eBay come with at least three shelves. These are broad, and allow you to lay out combs and other tools, so you can easily spot whatever you need while working. Some may come with drawers which can be closed for extra privacy, while preventing contamination. A few come with a holder for a bowl, which can be used to keep small items secure.

Are waste bins provided on all beauty trolleys?

Several trolleys on eBay come with waste bins, allowing you to immediately dispose of material, so your work station stays attractive.