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Bedroom Athletics Women's Slippers

Bedroom Athletics women's slippers are the perfect cosy footwear for lounging and relaxing after a long day.

The benefits of wearing Bedroom Athletics women's slippers

Slippers have different soles to the shoes that are worn outdoors. Designed to be worn solely indoors, slippers have flexible soles that are kinder to bare floors and carpets, and reduce wear and tear throughout your home.

Bedroom Athletics women's slippers have a soft base and make your feet feel instantly relaxed. The cushioned soles provide maximum comfort and durability, ensuring a long-lasting purchase.

Slippers are beneficial if you suffer from foot problems. They offer warm and cosy, cushioned support for your whole foot, from your toes, heels to ankle area.

Different types of Bedroom Athletics women's slippers

Bedroom Athletics sheepskin mules have an enclosed toe area and open back. This popular style of women's slipper is lined with luxuriously soft sheepskin and typically has a flat or slightly raised heel. These are perfect for the colder winter months when your feet need more tender loving care.

Booties from bedroom Athletics are designed to be pulled on and usually extend above the ankle, providing increased coverage for extra warmth. Snug booties are available in faux fur with zip front and lightweight fleece with slouch style as well as the roll down top.

Flip-flop Bedroom Athletics women's slippers are modelled on the popular toe post summer footwear style but are lined with super soft faux fur.

How to choose the perfect Bedroom Athletics women's slippers for you

Whatever your style preference, a pair of slippers should always provide maximum comfort. Bedroom Athletics women's slippers are designed to combine personal style with ultimate casual comfort.

A slipper that is cosy and warm should feature a flexible, cushioned sole.

Consider how easy the slippers are to put on and take off. Mules are a popular slipper choice because they offer a versatile style and they are also long-lasting.

Poorly fitting slippers can cause falls and accidents in the home. Always ensure that your slippers provide a secure fit as well as room to move.

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