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Behringer Pro Audio Amplifiers

Behringer pro audio amplifiers are devices that increase the strength (or amplitude) of audio signals that pass through it. Amplifiers are used to increase the audio signal outputs from low-power audio signals.

Types of Behringer Pro Audio Amplifiers

There are many different types of amplifiers, which can be used for different purposes.

  • Distribution amplifiers – These amplifiers accept a single input signal and provide the same signal to various, multiple or isolated outlets
  • Instrument amplifiers – These amplifiers are able to convert the barely audible signal from a musical instrument into audible sound. These are often used with an electric guitar, electric bass and electric organ
  • Mini/Headphone amplifiers – This allows multiple headsets to be connected to one or more audio sources. This allows musicians to hear other musicians when they are recording
  • Mixer amplifiers – They allow you to change the quality of audio signals and route various different signals to change the sound
  • Power amplifier – It converts low-level audio signals to levels that are strong enough for loudspeakers

Number of Channels

When choosing a pro audio amplifier, you can choose the number of channels the amplifier has. This commonly ranges from one channel up to eight channels, which allows you to power multiple devices.

What is RMS power?

RMS stands for Root Mean Square, which is a statistical measurement which is applied to voltage or current. An RMS power rating measures the continuous power that an amplifier can output.

This is an important consideration when choosing your amplifier, as amplifiers are limited in the amount of electricity they can output, without damaging or distorting the sound signal.

It is important to choose a compatible RMS power rating when choosing your Behringer pro audio amplifier. The range of RMS power rating can vary widely from less than 20 Watts up to devices that have a power rating of over 2000 Watts. 

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