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All You Need to Know About Belkin iPad Cases

Keep your iPad from dirt, dust, and scratches by using a Belkin iPad case. On eBay, you can find a plethora of styles, colours, and fabrics that are stylish, yet effective in protecting your device from harm. Belkin tablet cases are shock-absorbent and sturdy, for that inevitable drop or bump.

What are the features of a Belkin iPad case?

Belkin iPad cases come with a variety of features that are suitable for professional and personal use. From keyboards to auto-awakening features, these cases are the newest in technology for electronics.

  • Auto wake magnets: Open the iPad case, and your device will automatically turn on with power up. The same goes for closing the case; simply close the case and the iPad will automatically go into sleep mode without powering down. The magnetic closure tab also folds back on itself to disappear.
  • Removable keyboard: Keyboards can be added to the iPad cases if necessary. Simply attach the keyboard to the iPad's aux portal and stand the device up to type.
  • Optional built-in stand: Most Belkin iPad cases come with a built-in stand, located on the back of the case. This stand will either pop out, or your entire case will fold to make a stand. This is handy for adding a keyboard or watching movies and videos.
  • Folio storage: Some Belkin cases come with additional built-in storage inside the flap of the case. This storage is great for keeping important papers or notes you don't want to lose.
  • Rounded corners: Belkin cases are made to fit each iPad tightly and also include rounded corners on the cases for extra protection from bumps and drops.
For which iPad model does Belkin make cases?

Belkin manufactures iPad cases for the second, third, and fourth generation iPads. These cases fit each generation of devices snugly and tightly, so they will never fall off your device or stretch out.

Are Belkin iPad cases kid-friendly?

Yes, Belkin cases are kid-friendly, as they are soft and supple and have the ability to fold out into a stand. This is particularly nice for kids, because they can watch their favourite movies and TV shows without touching the iPad. This makes for fewer smudges and scratches on your iPad.

What are some styles and colours of Belkin cases?

Choose from plush leather cases, hard plastic cases that fit around the edges, plush cases made from neoprene fabric, or smooth form-fitting cases for your protective choice. Many of the cases have the ability to fold out into a stand, are keyboard accessible, and include an auto-awakening feature.

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