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Replace Faulty Belling Cooker Knobs With New Knobs

You can't really use your cooker if the knobs aren't functioning correctly. Belling cooker knobs may become loose over time, melt, or break. If you are looking to replace the knobs that came with your Belling cooker, check out the various Belling cooker knobs on eBay.

Are Belling cooker knobs for gas or electric cookers?

You can find Belling cooker knobs on eBay for both gas and electric Belling cookers. Many of the knobs are interchangeable between gas and electric cookers, depending on the model. You will also see that some of the knobs come with adapters to fit a wider range of cookers. You can check the manufacturer's website to determine exact compatibility, or just get the type of knob that is adaptable to all Belling cookers.

Do cooker knobs melt?

A cooker is made to withstand high temperatures and this should include the knobs. You can grill in some Belling cookers, and in order to do this, the oven door is left open. In this event, there should be a shield that comes with the cooker that you place under your knobs to prevent them from melting. If you do not have a shield, you may want to consider buying one. Without something in place to shield your cooker knobs from the excess heat of grilling, your knobs may melt and you may need to replace them.

Can you find knobs that match your cooker colour?

When you are looking for Belling cooker knobs to replace your old ones, you will obviously desire them to match the colour of your cooker. On eBay, you can find a wide variety of cooker knobs and you are sure to find the colour you need. Colours you can find include:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Grey
Are the replacement knobs on eBay new or used?

Most of the Belling cooker replacement knobs on eBay are new. Most of the time, people need replacement knobs because their original knobs have become damaged in some way. They also may have lost a knob or two when cleaning or because somebody has removed the knob. The only time someone may post used knobs for sale is if they have decided they want a different colour but the old knobs still work. This doesn't happen very often, though, so the chances are high that the knobs you buy on eBay will be new and unused.

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