Enjoy the Perfect Day Out on a Benelli Motorcycle

If you are an adventurer who likes to explore the roads on two wheels, a Benelli motorcycle might be just the thing for you. These Italian motorcycles come with equal amounts of tradition and adrenaline, and you are sure to stand out amongst other road users when riding one. Browse through the large selection of Benelli motorcycles on eBay to find the right companion for your next adventure.

Benelli motorcycle models

In the last hundred years, Benelli has produced a number of mini-cycles, mopeds, and motorcycle models. The model range includes:

  • Mini cycle: Mini-cycles are miniature motorcycles and most of them have a four-stroke engine and are chain driven. Some of the Benelli models are Buzzer, City Bike, Fireball, Hurricane, and Volcano.
  • Mopeds: A mechanically propelled bicycle fitted with an engine capacity of less than 50cc and a maximum design speed no more than 45km/h. Popular Benelli moped models are Trial, Sprint, California, Laser, and Motorella.
  • Motorcycles: Two or three-wheeled engine powered vehicles, this model's design varies to suit different purposes like long-distance travel, commuting, cruising, racing, and off-road riding.
Which Benelli models can be found on eBay?

eBay offers a lot of Benelli motorcycles for sale. These include the Benelli T50, Tornado 900, Leoncino, TRK, Benelli TRE, Benelli TNT, Benelli Corsa, and many more. Each model has its own performance figures, and you should therefore make sure that it meets your requirements before buying. Benelli motorcycles are sold in many different colours, green, yellow, red, orange, black, grey, or a combination of colours.

Benelli motorcycle specifications

Each motorcycle is unique and comes with its own character. Depending on the type of riding that you are interested in, a scrambler, chopper, or tourer may be the right option for you. These motorcycles also offer some customisation options which can be used to apply your own unique personality to your ride. As with all vehicles, price is dependant on the condition of the motorcycle in question, as well as its age. For more information on the range and the specs of your preferred model, check the manufacturer's website.

What makes a Benelli Motorcycle so attractive?

As a premium Italian motorcycle brand, the first model was made in 1911 in Italy. Throughout the years, Benelli motorcycles have been improved, and each new model has featured better performance and more comfort. On eBay, you can find different variations of Benelli motorcycles for sale, all offering the cachet of tradition from the brand.