Combine Décor and Viewing with a BeoVision 7 Television

Bang & Olufsen are well known for their award-winning products that combine craftsmanship with technology. You can find a wide range of Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 TVs in both new and used condition on eBay.

Are BeoVision televisions available in different sizes?

Yes, the BeoVision 7 series includes several TV sizes. Available sizes range from 32” to 55”, making it possible to find the right size for your needs. All the televisions in the range share the same components, except for the screen size.

Can the television be mounted on a wall?

Yes, the television can be mounted on a wall. Most of the models in the BeoVision 7 series can, however, be paired with a B&O stand that adds to its aesthetic appeal. B&O produces several different stand models for their televisions, including motorised versions.

Which input ports can be found on BeoVision 7 televisions?

The televisions feature most of the standard input types, including HDMI, co-axial, and VGA inputs. BeoVision televisions are designed to be used with B&O speakers and are fitted with seven PowerLink audio outputs that can be used to connect external speakers to the television. The televisions can also be used with B&O’s BeoLink cables to maintain noise-free connections with other devices.

Do BeoVision televisions include a DVD player?

Yes, BeoVision 7 televisions include a built-in DVD/Blu-ray player. The device is inconspicuously hidden in the bezel surrounding the TV screen and appears when you wave your hand below a sensor. The televisions also include a built-in DVB tuner that can receive satellite broadcasts without external decoders.

Which features does the BeoVision 7 motorised stand have?

Adding a motorised stand to a BeoVision television allows for a host of additional adjustments. The stand features silent motors that fluidly adjust the televisions position in accordance with the user's needs. By using the supplied remote control, the following can be adjusted:

  • Mounting Height: The screen’s position can be adjusted up or down.
  • Rotation: The entire screen can be rotated by up to 180 degrees.
  • Tilt: The screen can be tilted up or down for comfortable viewing from any angle.
  • Memorised Positions: Several positions can be programmed and recalled.
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