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Bicycle Trailers

One of the most practical biking accessories around, bicycle trailers open up a whole new world of cycling opportunities. You can use that extra capacity to transport anything from camping gear to your beloved pooch around with you. Thanks to the way bike trailers spread the load, youll feel the extra weight much less than you would if you chose to carry a large rucksack, use panniers or fit a child seat to your bike. Youll find models for use in cities and off-road, allowing you plenty of invaluable cycling freedom.

Carrying Pets or Children

A trailer can be an excellent way of keeping pets or children safe, comfortable and dry while youre on the road.

Child trailers can be used from a much younger age than standard bike seats can and provide a warm space where they can happily doze off as you pedal. Some models also convert into a buggy or pram, meaning you can reach your destination and, with a few small adjustments, be on your way without waking your precious cargo.

Always check the minimum age of your trailer, some can be used from birth, others are only suitable for a certain age upwards. Baby-friendly models generally include a snuggly baby seat to be used in the trailer.

Pet trailers are similar in many ways but tend to be a little more lightweight and have a more basic interior than child carriers. Many models fold up for easy storage. Mesh windows allow your dog to watch the world go from a place of safety. Always check the weight limit of any pet trailer you buy.

Carrying Cargo

A handy cargo trailer is a great way to transport heavier items around with you. Whether you want to take a tent for a countryside adventure or you could use a trailer for bringing your shopping bags home, two-wheeled cargo trailers tend to be simple, strong and easy to manoeuvre.

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