Celebrate a New Baby's Arrival with a Big Sister T-Shirt

It's perfectly understandable that children might have mixed feelings about gaining a younger brother or sister. They might be looking forward to having a playmate but might also feel pangs of jealousy about sharing their parents' attention. A big sister T-shirt is a great way to involve them in the pregnancy and/or birth as it allows you and other family members to emphasise the advantages of being a big sister. These T-shirts also make ideal gifts from relatives, close friends, or colleagues. Whatever type of T-shirt you're after, eBay has a variety of designs and colours - and all at affordable prices.

What should you consider when purchasing a big sister T-shirt?

Apart from your budget and whether you want a new or used T-shirt, you should think about:

  • Number of outfits: Many big sister T-shirts are purchased with a matching babygro or T-shirt printed with 'little sister' or 'little brother'.
  • Sizes: Small-sized T-shirts are sold according to the child's height while bigger sizes are sold by age.
  • Colours: Although many big sister T-shirts are in white and/or pink, other colours such as black and white, yellow, and green are also available.
  • Material: Most of the T-shirts are made of cotton or cotton blend to be machine washable and ensure the child wears natural fibres next to their skin.
  • Design: Although most T-shirts have crew necks, sleeves vary, and you can find short, long, or capped sleeves.
  • Decoration: Choose between T-shirts with different wording (some humorous), and some with a cartoon picture ranging from animals to princesses.
  • Finish: T-shirts might also have extra detail such as ruffles and/or sparkles added to the design.
When is the best time to give a big sister T-shirt?

When you wish to reveal that you are pregnant, dressing up your daughter in a big sister T-shirt is a unique way to let family and friends know the happy news. It also gives you a chance to discuss the coming baby with your child. These T-shirts can also be given after the baby is born. Saying that the T-shirt is a gift from the new baby can help reduce feelings of resentment/jealousy.

How can a big sister T-shirt be customised?

These T-shirts can be personalised by having your daughter's name printed on them and/or the baby's birth month. Some T-shirts are also sold with a personalised matching hair-bow printed with 'big sister' or the child's name. Iron-on transfers can also be purchased separately on eBay.