Bicycle Collectables

Raleigh Collectables

Raleigh Choppers (MK1 and MK3) and Raleigh Grifters are children's bikes, manufactured during the 1970s and early 1980s and are now highly prized collectable items. It is unusual to find these still in good or useable condition (although it does happen) and most are offered for sale as a renovation project. The good news is, if you buy one to fix up there are plenty of original parts and accessories listed and you have no shortage of great quality resources easily available including clamp bolts, mudguard screws, Raleigh R Nuts and vintage bike lights. Raleigh also have other bicycle ranges that have become highly prized as collectables, including the 1970s adult Scorpio.

BMX Collectables

BMX manufacture started in the early 1970s in America; inspired by Motocross stars, children started to race their bikes on dirt tracks and in response, BMX designed a range of bicycles fit for purpose, that offered unique dirt racing and trick capabilities. BMX remains popular today, both with children and as an extreme sport; for vintage BMX bikes, accessories and spare parts, BMX Collectibles is a great place to start searching.

Bicycle Books and Magazines

Whilst vintage bicycles are considered to be anything from 1980 or older, collectable bicycle books and magazines can date back much further. Whether you are looking for backdated issues of your favourite bicycle magazine, such as The Bicycle Buyer, or whether your interest lies in bicycling history and publications such as 'Bicycling is Such Fun!' from 1947, you will find something in the listings to suit all passions.

Other Collectable Bicycles

Of course, Raleigh and BMX aren't the only bicycle manufacturers to be collectable and the Other category contains Hudson's, bicycle ornaments, vintage bicycle and carbide lamps and Penny Farthing accessories and memorabilia or even the occasional Penny Farthing!