Bike Frames

Bicycle Frames

The frame is the heart of your bike, joining together all of the main components such as the saddle, handlebars and pedals. If the frame isnt perfect your bike wont be able to perform at its best. The mark of a good frame is the right combination of strength, stability, weight, handling and comfort, calibrated to suit your needs.

Frames are available for every type of bike you can imagine including mountain bikes, touring road bikes, racing road bikes, BMX bikes, cyclo-cross and folding bikes.

You will find thousands of new and used frames in mens, womens and unisex sizes. There are girls, boys and childrens unisex sizes too. These range from 11 inches to 29 inches, or 41-65cm. Choosing the right size frame is crucial to good riding posture and its important to find one thats compatible with your height and suits the riding position youre most comfortable in.

If youre refurbishing a bike and already have a pair of wheels that youd like to use, its worth double checking that theyll fit the frame you hope to buy. Typically wheels measure between 10 inches and 29 inches in diameter.

Choosing the right frame

Have your pick of lightweight and high performance frame materials such as carbon-fibre, titanium and aluminium. A light frame can give you the gift of increased speed while enabling you to push your bike to the limits, over long distances or eye-watering sprints.

There are more stable materials to choose from including alloy and steel. These will be harder to damage than a carbon-fibre frame, for example, however, there will be a compromise on speed and manoeuvrability.

Whether youre building your dream bike to ride in the mountains or on tracks and dirt roads youll find your perfect frame from leading brands including Cannondale, Marin, Colnago, Cult Industries, Pinarello, SCOTT, Fitbikeco. and Schwinn.