Biking Balaclavas

Cycling Balaclava

Providing excellent protection in a variety of weather conditions, cycling balaclavas keep dirt and airborne debris away from your face. Whether you cycle regularly or just enjoy a bike ride from time to time, a cycling balaclava is a useful accessory for any keen cyclist.

Different styles for different protection

Unisex cycling balaclavas come in a variety of styles with different levels of protection. They are available as full face, open face or neck warmers, which can be pulled up to protect your face. All styles offer protection from the elements and whichever you decide on is down to personal preference.

Full face cycling balaclavas cover the entire face leaving holes or a strip for your eyes to see through. In this style there can also be large holes for your mouth and nose or a number of smaller holes which you can breathe through.

Open face style cycling balaclavas leave your face exposed but protect your neck, head and ears.

Range of designs and colours

Cycling balaclavas come in a range of different designs and colours. Single colour balaclavas come with prints on the front and can create a very striking look, with the most popular style featuring a skull design.

Cycling balaclavas can be worn under all types of cycling helmets and provide a great way to keep your head warm in cold weather.

They are designed to be windproof, helping to minimise the effect cold winds can have on your face when out cycling.

Suitable for other sports

Cycling balaclavas can also be used for a range of other sports such as motorcycling and skateboarding , or simply to keep your head warm when youre out walking.

Many balaclavas feature reflective elements to give you increased visibility in low light conditions, such as when youre cycling at night.