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Binocular Tripod

Binoculars are incredibly useful for hobbies such as bird watching or train spotting. They are a great way of seeing hard to reach detail and allow you to get the best out of your time outdoors.

Binocular tripods are a great way to keep your binoculars steady, so you can focus solely on the view through the eyepiece without worrying about keeping your hands still. Most tripods are universally compatible with any pair of binoculars, but make sure you check your particular model before you buy.

A range of useful features

Binocular tripods have a wealth of features designed to help get the best out of your binoculars. Adjustable legs are attached to a geared centre column for easy adjustment and a spirit level allows you to place your tripod on uneven surfaces so you can set up quickly and efficiently.

Flip locks hold your tripod in place so you can make it secure and dependable and a three way pan tilt allows you to move your binoculars to focus in on a moving point of interest.

With the aid of a crank handle, you can move your binoculars into the preferred field of vision and lock them into place. A quick release plate gives you the ability to release your binoculars when you're finished.

A strong but lightweight build and versatile accessories

Usually made from lightweight aluminium or similar material, binocular tripods are strong yet lightweight, so they are easy to carry. Tripods are available in a range of different heights so you're sure to find the right size of tripod for you.

You may wish to carry your binoculars in their own carrying case using a binocular harness and carry your tripod separately. Most tripods come with a soft tripod case with a handle or strap to protect your tripod from knocks and bumps whilst being transported.

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