Give back to nature with bird food and seeds

Whether you're the proud owner of several feathered friends or you just like to help out the local wildlife in winter, there's a fantastic range of good quality, nutritious bird foods available on eBay. From mixed bags of seeds to special peanuts, fat balls and high protein live food, there's bird supplies for every hungry beak. 

Fat suet balls

Available in packs of 6, 30 or 50 balls, fat suet balls are the ideal complementary food for wild birds in the UK. A particular favourite of nuthatches, jays, woodpeckers, finches, robins and starlings, each ball is full of fat and calories to keep birds healthy and warm the whole year through. Each pack is supplied without any netting to keep the birds safe. All you need to do is place the balls in a feeder or on a bird table then sit back and see what comes along. 

Dried mealworms

Although they don't look too attractive, dried mealworms are a delicious, protein filled treat for wild birds as well as other small animals like hedgehogs, pet birds, reptiles and fish. Naturally dried mealworms are ideal for people don't fancy handling and storing live ones. They're packed with vitamins, minerals and oils for all the nutrition they could need. Simply add a hand full of mealworms onto your bird table or sprinkle a few on your patio. 

Bird seed

Made from a mixture of whole wheat, black sunflower seeds and other ingredients, bird seed comes in mixed bags of up to 20kg. You can also find single types of seeds too, like individual bags of nyjer seeds and sunflower hearts. Packed full of energy and goodness, bird seed is ideal for all pet and wild birds no matter what the season. Note that some packs contain peanuts, so be aware of this if anyone in your family has a nut allergy. 

Top Products in Bird Food & Seeds

  • Fat Suet Balls Wild Bird Food Feed Feeders (no Net) Resealable 4kg Tub Multi Buy 50
  • Twootz Un netted Mealworm Fat Balls 25.5kg Equivalent to Approx 300 Fatballs 150
  • 1kg Premium Millet Spray 1 Kg Cage Bird Hanging Treat Budgie Canaries Cockatiels
  • 29kg Sunflower Hearts Premium Bakery Grade Wild Bird Food Dehulled Seeds Kernels
  • Peckish Complete 5 in 1 Seed Nut Mix No Mess Garden Wild Bird Food Feed 2kg
  • Skygold Popular Foreign Finch Wild Bird Food Feed Seed Mix 20kg Bag
  • Harrison`s High Potency Coarse 5lb Complete Parrot Diet
  • Wheatsheaf' 20kg Premium Wild Bird Mixture (All Season)
  • Twootz Un Netted Mealworm Fat Balls 12.75kg Bird Food
  • COPDOCK Mill Dried Mealworms Wild Bird & Fish Food, 5L
  • Gardman Seed Mix 12.75kg No Grow 58x45x10 Cm
  • 2 X 5kg Wild Bird Dried Mealworms Mealworm
  • Skygold Budgie Red Bird Food Seed Mix 20kg