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Blackhead Remover Tools: Pick the Right One for Your Skin Type

Blackheads are pores in the skin blocked with excess oil, dead skin or bacteria. Sometimes known as comedones, skincare experts and doctors recommend that you do not squeeze them as this can lead to infection and scarring. For an alternative way to treat these irritating blemishes, eBay has a range of blackhead remover tools to suit a variety of skin types.

The purpose of blackhead removers

A comedone, or blackhead, is the blockage of the skin's pores caused by excess oil, sebum or bacteria. Comedone removers are tools, usually made from stainless steel, that are used to remove the blockage from the skin. These kits often comprise of several specialised pimple remover tools and blackhead tools which include tweezers, loops, and bottlenecks.

Why is a specialised tool the best way to treat blackheads?

Blackhead is a mild form of acne, not usually painful, appearing as small bumps on the skin. Many see squeezing as a quicker solution, but it can often lead to scarring, no matter how clean your fingers might be. Therefore, it is advisable to use an extractor tool as it reduces contact with the skin.

Blackhead extractor tools available on eBay

There are a variety of professional blackhead extractor tools that you can try that reduce contact with the skin, so you can treat the acne while preserving the epidermis. Among the different blackhead remover tools available are:

  • Loops: Resembling large sewing needles, these are often doubled ended stainless steel blackhead extractor tools that ease the blockage from the pore.
  • Acne extractor kit: For those who get satisfaction from popping pimples, these cases contain several different metal tools that promote hygienic skincare.
  • Facial pore cleanser: This is an electronic vacuum device which you can safely use on your face as a blackhead removal tool.
  • Cosmetic needle: Needle shaped tools, usually made from stainless steel, which can be sterilised to preserve skin hygiene. For use by skincare professionals.
  • Acne removal with tweezers: Small hook-shaped tweezers that double as splinter extractors.
How do you use a vacuum blackhead removal tool?

Facial vacuum tools are electronic blackhead remover tools, which use probe heads to treat blackheads, comedones, acne, fine lines and other facial conditions. They often use blue light, which shrinks the pores and helps to prevent blackheads from recurring, as well as treating various skin conditions. They are often USB chargeable, water-resistant, and handy as both a home remedy or as a professional beauty treatment aid.

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