Enhance your Focus and Sleep Soundly With Blackout Curtains

To create a relaxing setting at home, or provide a more focussed environment in the office, select blackout curtains. With three main functions, blackout curtains block light and noise, as well as normalising room temperatures. Affordable options from eBay can complement your decor while eliminating audio or visual disturbances in any room with a window.

What benefits can you expect from blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains from eBay prevent almost all forms of light from entering a room, so you can relax comfortably or watch you various screens without glare. Additional advantages also include:

  • Protection for furniture that could otherwise fade due to light exposure.
  • Reduced cooling and heating costs for your home or office.
  • The prevention of discoloration on laminate or carpeted floors.
Use blackout curtains to add elegance to your decor

Blackout curtains are no longer made with the stiff polyester fabric of the past. Nowadays, they are softer and come in several shades, including pastels, so they will brighten up a room rather than detract from it. Most vendors on eBay will state whether curtains have wrinkle-free finishes. You can also select natural fabrics like linen and pesticide-free hemp, or synthetics like PVC-free polyester.

Blackout curtains can help to reduce external disturbances

Blackout curtains help to block sound, but they are not completely soundproof. These curtains can be used along with curtains or blinds that are specifically designed to reduce noise, helping to create a peaceful environment. Those who want some noise control select these curtains because they are made of thick material. Some options on eBay can block as much as 35% of external noise disturbances.

Can blackout curtains create a better environment for restful sleep?

Dark-coloured blackout curtains are frequently used in areas where people are exposed to more than 20 hours of sunlight a day and are ideal for bedrooms. While these curtains are available in white and pastel shades, darker colours have a better effect. Since they can be used to limit the amount of light available during REM sleep, they prolong your natural sleep cycle.

For optimal efficiency, blackout curtains should be long enough to adequately cover your windows and wide enough to block light from entering at the sides. Before you make your selection on eBay, measure several inches over the window frame on each side, taking the dimensions of wraparound rods into account.