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Choosing the Right Empty DVD Cases to Store Your Discs

Having the right empty DVD cases allow you to store discs for as long as you want. With the many different types of storage devices on eBay, you'll want to find a container that offers great protection. This is important since discs are fragile and can easily be scratched or break if they're mishandled.

What are the benefits of buying 14mm DVD cases in bulk?

The cost of having to buy single cases for every DVD can be overwhelming, so buying cases in bulk makes sense. A 14mm DVD case set allows you to store a single DVD per unit and it can help keep your movie collection organised.

Which DVD cases protect discs from scratches?

DVD cases are designed to protect discs from airborne contaminants and environmental changes. Cases used for protection include:

  • Snapper case: Made of plastic and includes cardboard cover to close the case.
  • Slimline case: These feature inlay card and are used for storing audio discs.
  • Jewel case: These are transparent, plastic cases with a hinged closure. They can store up to six discs.
What are some alternative uses that empty DVD cases can be used for?

Thanks to streaming services, your DVD cases have likely been gathering dust in your garage. Instead of disposing of them, you can use them for fun projects:

  • Make a first aid kit.
  • Create a photo montage.
  • Make a custom board game.
  • Make a colouring pad or pencil case.
  • Transform the inside of the case into a chessboard.
How can empty DVD cases be reused?

Recycling has become an essential part of preserving our environment. Instead of throwing them away, you can donate them to schools, libraries, or churches. These institutions need replacement DVD cases to use for their media collections. Some schools teach students how to create DVD videos, so blank DVD cases can be used to store their projects. Alternatively, you can also donate your empty DVD cases to a local thrift or video store.

Why should you recycle empty DVD cases?

DVD cases are made of non-biodegradable plastic. When they're disposed of in a landfill or a place where they'll be burned, harmful chemicals that contaminate the environment are released. It is much better for everyone if you reuse or recycle your empty DVD cases rather than toss them away.

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