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Enhance your Entertainment Experience with a Blaupunkt TV

Blaupunkt started making radios in 1923 and are now known for being extremely proficient in the manufacturing of many electrical items. This proficiency is also true when it comes to their TVs, which are known for being very well-made and also feature packed. If you are looking for a Blaupunkt TV, you are sure to find one that matches your needs here on eBay.

What type of screen should you choose for you Blaupunkt TV?

The two main screen options are LED and LCD. Generally, technological advances in the LED screen have overtaken the picture quality that can be achieved with an LCD screen. LCD screens are lit with a bulb at the back of the TV whereas LED screens have a large number of LED lights around the edge of the screen. The higher frequency of lights can help provide a better resolution. Having said that picture quality achieved by an LCD screen can also be very good.

What size of screen should you choose?

You can choose your new Blaupunkt TV in a variety of screen sizes. To decide which screen size is best for you, you need to think carefully about the space that it will fit into. Can that space accommodate a larger TV or do you need to opt for a smaller screen? You also need to think about viewing distance. To calculate you optimum screen size work out the distance between the screen and where you will sit to view, convert that distance into inches and then divide by three. The final result gives you a rough estimate as to what your best size would be.

Should you purchase a Blaupunkt TV with Smart technology?

Smart technology really opens up your entertainment options. Benefits of smart technology include:

  • On-Demand Services: Catch up on any programmes that you miss by streaming them directly through your TV using on-demand services from the top channels.
  • Subscription Services: Really increase your entertainment options by signing up to a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime and accessing their catalogues of programmes and movies through your TV.
  • Internet Access: Access the internet directly through your TV.
  • Media Access: Access your favourite media stored on your home network through your TV. Enjoy playing your music, watching your videos or browsing through your photos directly on your TV.
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