Block Paving Sealer

Frequently Asked Questions About Block Paving Sealers

If you have a walkway, driveway, or other surface paved with individual paving stones or interlocking tiles, a block paving sealer can help reduce the time and cost spent on maintenance. It can also reduce weathering on imprinted concrete surfaces.

What features are important when choosing a paving sealer?

When choosing a paving sealer product on eBay, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Surface area: Plan the amount of sealer youll need to buy given the surface area you have to seal by carefully measuring the area you want to treat and then researching the area that a given product can cover per gallon.
  • Decorative surfaces: If you have a painted or colour-treated surface you need to seal, research which products are safe to use on it. Some colouring agents can chemically react to a sealant, resulting in visible blemishes.
  • Finish appearance: Sealers can have glossy or matte finishes. Others are transparent or tinted. Be sure to research what the finished seal will look like before making a purchase.
  • Environment: Some sealers designed for driveways are designed to repel oil and other petroleum-based stains, while others are designed with weather and weeds in mind. Consider the environment of your paved surface when choosing the right sealer.
What types of paving sealers are available?

Paving sealers come in three categories based on their composition.

  • Water-based sealers: These sealers have the advantage of being environmentally friendly by not including solvents in their formula. The lack of solvent fumes makes them a good choice for indoor applications. They are also easier to clean up.
  • Acrylic sealers: These sealers come in water and solvent-based formulas. They last a few years after application, protect coloured surfaces from sun-bleaching, and usually have a matte finish.
  • Polyurethane sealers: These products are solvent-based, meaning that they will produce fumes when applied, cure quickly, and penetrate into the paved surface to produce a stronger seal. Polyurethane seals last around five years and excel at resisting oil stains. They also can produce a glossy, wet-looking finish.
What is block paving sealer?

Block paving sealers are resin products used to seal the surface and joints of paving stones. Apart from the appearance that they produce, these sealers have the benefit of preventing weeds and grass from growing up between paving stones. They also discourage the growth of moss and lichens from growing on your paving stones, make cleaning oil residue and stains easier, and reduce the erosion caused by rain and wind.