Everything You Should Know About the BMW GS 1200

The BMW GS 1200, also known as the BMW R1200GS, is a dual-sport motorcycle originally launched by BMW Motorrad, BMW's motorcycle division, back in 2004. Since then, the legendary German manufacturer has produced a number of different versions of the basic R1200GS model, until by 2012, it became their top-selling bike. Many of these new, used, and pre-owned motorcycles are available for sale on eBay.

What features does the BMW GS 1200 include?

Here are some of the basic features of the BMW R1200GS:

  • Engine: 1,170cc boxer twin engine
  • Horsepower: 109
  • Dimensions: 2,210 millimetres x 953 millimetres x 1,450 millimetres
  • Fuel capacity: 20 litres
  • Cooling: Air/oil cooled
  • Top speed: 210.5 kilometres per hour
  • Weight: 203 kilograms

Also, from 2017 on, the BMW GS for sale in the U.K. has been modified to meet EU4 regulations. This means they include features like the onboard diagnostic (OBD) indicator light in the cockpit and a damper on the transmission output shaft.

Different versions of the BMW GS 1200

Those searching for a used BMW GS 1200 for sale in the U.K. will notice a few different versions that have specific features. In addition to the ordinary model, whose basic features were discussed above, these include:

  • R1200GS Adventure: Like the ordinary BMW 1200 GS, this is a six-speed bike with a 1,170cc boxer twin engine, but it comes with 125 horsepower. It's liquid cooled and slightly larger than the ordinary model, with dimensions of 2,240 millimetres x 990 millimetres x 1,525 millimetres. It also has a higher fuel capacity of 33 litres. It weighs 223 kilograms.
  • R1200GS LC: This motorcycle also has a four-stroke, two-cylinder 1,170cc engine, but it can hit a top speed of 215.4 kilometres per hour and comes with 125 horsepower. It also measures in at 2,210 millimetres x 953 millimetres x 1,450 millimetres, but it weighs 229 kilograms. It has a maximum fuel capacity of 20 litres.
Finding a good price for the BMW GS 1200

Given the variations in year, model type, and condition that you'll see in the listings on eBay, prices will vary for the BMW R1200GS. In general, newer motorcycles will cost more. Also, the R1200GS Adventure or R1200GS Adventure LC will usually cost slightly more than an ordinary R1200GS. Beyond this, here are some special factors that might affect the motorcycle's price:

  • If you see a BMW R1200GS Low Suspension for sale in the U.K., this low suspension version will generally be more expensive than most others.
  • Motorcycles that contain OEM parts from BMW will often also generally sell for a higher price because of how coveted these parts are.

Depending on what you want, any of these features might be worth the added price. You'll therefore have to balance these factors yourself when deciding which motorcycle to buy.