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Boat & Trolling Fishing Rods

Boat and Trolling Fishing Rods

Boat trolling is a specific way of fishing where you cast your rod behind a slow moving boat. After youve baited your rod, usually with lures or bait fish, a number of fishing lines are cast to be drawn through the water behind the moving boat.

Interestingly this type of fishing is used by many people both recreationally and commercially. The lines are drawn in the current of the waves produced by the boat, so many professionals will choose to get a special trolling motor for this type of fishing to ensure a smoother line. Either way, for the best cast youll want to look at a boat trolling fishing rod that will help give you a better chance of catching fish using this method of fishing .


All large fishing brands manufacture and supply their own boat trolling fishing rods to use when fishing in open water from a boat. Some of these brands include Daiwa, Penn, Shakespeare, Shimano and Abu Garcia to name just a few. These brands all offer similar features and are the perfect fishing rod to use when boat trolling.

Fish Suitability

There are boat trolling fishing rods available that have been specifically designed to work well with certain types of fish. With so many varieties of fish, its important you use the correct equipment and techniques to garner their attention.

Boat trolling fishing rods vary in fish species and include mackerel, cod, tuna and all fresh and saltwater fish. If a beginner in this type of fishing youll want to opt for a rod that is a bit more versatile such as one that appeals to all saltwater fish, however as you become more pro youll know which fish you are wanting to catch and can ensure you have a highly specialist boat trolling fishing rod equipped for this type of fish. For example, should you be interested in catching cod, youll want to opt for a cod boat trolling fishing rod , which otherwise would be quite rare for you to catch this type of fish using this method. Of course, you need to be in the right environment to start with where these varieties of fish are found.


The fishing rods that are available for you to choose from offer you great grip that is important to help control and keep your trolling fishing method strong. Trolling fishing rods offer a tough and sturdy structure that allows you to fish well in all fishing conditions including extreme sea fishing. The grips allow you to have a strong fore grip when casting your line and to have control when fishing in all conditions including boat trolling but also bottom and wreck fishing.

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