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Body Jewellery Replacement Parts

Body Jewellery Replacement Parts

From classic ear lobes, to tongues and cheeks, the options are seemingly limitless when it comes to body piercing. In many places, the body jewellery used is so small and intricate, that it would be wise for wearers to keep body jewellery replacement parts to hand.

Replacement parts can range from small barbell fastenings to curved bars and spiked cones. The type of replacement part you require will depend on the body part you have pierced, and the style of jewellery that you are wearing.

Replacement Body Jewellery Options

Its important to keep your pierced body part protected from infection and reactions. Many replacement parts are made from surgical steel , stainless steel or titanium. This helps to keep the cost down whilst greatly reducing the chances of your skin being irritated by the piercing.

There are so many different types of piercing: ears, nose, tongue, nipple, navel, eyebrows, tragus and lips just to name a few. Each has a range of individual jewellery styles to fit comfortably, but many can use very similar parts, making some replacement parts very versatile.

Replacement parts dont have to be simple and standard. You can find jewel adorned pieces, such as amethyst body jewellery , or multi-colored options to use as spares or to update your current choice. You can even find replacement parts that have been shaped into various designs or plated to give a fashionable finish. This allows you to change it up on a day to day basis.


Its not a case of one size fits all when it comes to most body jewellery. So with replacement parts, various sizes can be found, to either fit with a current style or to place hold. Its important to note the size of the part you require, along with the metal weight. If a piece is a bit heavier than you are used to it can cause discomfort, particularly with navel piercings or nipple piercings.

In many cases, you can purchase a variety of sizes, which you can then swap and change as you please.

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