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Body Jewellery

Body Jewellery

If you have a piercing your choice of body jewellery is so important. The type of jewellery you choose will show off your own personal style. From earrings and nose studs to eyebrow and belly bars , there are plenty of available choices suitable for everyones individual taste.

Available in a huge variety of materials, there is body jewellery which can be worn for everyday wear, as well as more elegant jewellery pieces you might want to save for special occasions.

It is important to use high-quality materials that are suitable for body piercings. Some people are allergic to certain materials, so if you are buying a present for someone always check with them first.

Body jewellery material

Surgical steel is one of the most popular body jewellery materials as it is safe and durable. Titanium is a hypoallergenic material and is often used for fresh piercings. Niobium is another good material and also resembles titanium.

If you want something that looks classier, gold is a good option. However, it is very important to use only nickel-free gold for body jewellery. There are also many other types materials you can use, such as glass, wood, bone or stone. These jewellery pieces are typically made for large gauge jewellery and are striking statement pieces.

How to wear body jewellery

With bright and bold coloured stones to choose from, there are plenty of body jewellery styles for you to pick and match with a particular outfit.

A lot of piercings have the flexibility to switch from stud to ring. This gives you the opportunity to switch up your style much more often, as you can pair studs and rings with various different outfits.

If you have a nose piercing, you may opt to wear a simple nose stud for day to day wear. For the evening, change to a pretty coloured ring when you go out. For those too squeamish to face the needle, there is also a wide range of fake body jewellery that clips on.