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Bosch 14.4V Power Tool Batteries and Chargers

Bosch cordless power tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts are built to last, which means at some point a new battery or battery charger will be needed to replace depleted and damaged originals. For 14.4V cordless power tools, the selection of chargers and batteries will ensure that the matching item to the power tool model can be easily found.

14.4V Batteries

Bosh 14.4V batteries come in many shapes, sizes and types. When replacing batteries on older cordless power tools there should be a one pin, slide in or compact Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel-metal Hybrid (NiMH) or lithium-Ion item to suit. There are also Bosch Coolpack batteries for 14.4V power tools that are robust and offer up to 100% extra life when compared to non-Coolpack batteries. Third party RoHS and CE quality tested batteries may also be specified.

14.4V Chargers

Genuine Bosch chargers are available for all battery types, including lithium, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hybrid. Official chargers also include Powerall chargers that are suitable for all batteries of between 14.4V and 18V. Alternatively, there are 7.2V-14.4V chargers and some with quick charging capabilities that offer many benefits for battery intensive projects.

Determining What Needs Replacing

A visual inspection of a charger is normally enough to decide that it needs replacing. Look for damage to the charger case and power line. If there is any discolouration due to heat damage then the unit should be exchanged for an exact but new item.

Batteries have limited lifespans and after repeated charging and discharging will lose their ability to retain sufficient current to provide power to the cordless tool. Batteries that have been dropped and damaged should also be replaced.

Disposing of Damaged Electrical Items

Cadmium and Lithium are particularly toxic and batteries composed of these chemical elements should never be thrown away with the household waste. In fact, it is good practice to dispose of all electrical and electronic waste in accordance with local recycling guidelines and facilities.