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Shop event Save up to 21% on Sound and Vision Refurbished with a 12 month warranty
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Bose Headphones

In recent years Bose headphones have almost become a synonym for sound quality and innovation, so it is no surprise that Bose continue to be one of the biggest names in audio equipment. Available in a diverse variety of designs, colours and with many different technical features to choose from, Bose revolutionise the way we listen.

Bose have developed a number of designs to suit many different needs and uses. On-ear headphones are a particularly popular option due to their comfort, style and sound quality. Bose are renowned for their noise cancellation technology, with many of their on-ear headphones sporting this feature. Being able to neutralise outside interruptions is invaluable and makes these headphones the perfect accessory for travelling, working or simply enjoying flawless audio quality.

Wireless Bose Headphones

Wireless headphones have also become more prominent as the convenience and simplicity of living tangle-free appeals to a growing number of people. In-ear and on-ear headphones are available in wireless form, allowing you to control your phone, change the song or screen calls without touching your phone or device. Wireless in-ear headphones are a good accessory for exercise as you aren't restricted by wires and can workout freely without worrying about your valuable technology.

Many Bose on-ear wireless headphones incorporate noise cancellation technology to create a luxury and innovative option for those who want to combine style and substance and choose a premium product that offers incredible audio quality.

Wired Bose Headphones

If wireless headphones aren't such a priority, Bose manufacture a number of wired alternatives that still possess the same hallmarks of quality at a much more affordable price. Bose in-ear headphones are the most practical option, with two small ear buds fitting comfortably inside the user's ear, providing a tight fit.

On-ear headphones are less practical but more comfortable, with two large ear pads covering the ears. This headphone style optimises sound quality choice of preference for people who find in-ear buds uncomfortable or would prefer technical superiority to convenience and practicality.

Aesthetically, Bose pride themselves on attractive and stylish products that represent their brand and are as appealing on visual level as a technical one. Bose headphones are available in a range of understated colours, including black, white, grey and silver, with a range of designs made available too. Many models can be folded and packed away into small and lightweight travel cases, ideal for use while travelling or commuting.

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