Bouncy Castles and Inflatables

There’s nothing quite like a bouncy castle, whether you’re five or fifty-five! Jumping around in weightless fun knowing that there’s always a soft landing waiting for you if you take a tumble is just so liberating.

If your children have recently enjoyed a bouncy castle at the local fete or a peer’s birthday party, then why not treat them to one of their very own in the back garden?

You’ll find a full range of sizes available on eBay, from tiny toddler castles that will fit in even the smallest back gardens to full sized bouncy castles with slides for older children. You can even join in the fun yourself with adult bouncy castles, made with stronger canvas and reinforced seams to accommodate all ages.

You can buy one brand new or enjoy a significant saving by buying second hand from the huge selection on eBay.

Bouncy castles are simple to setup and easy to operate, usually coming with their own air pump included. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to securing your castle to guarantee the safety of your users.

You can choose the theme of your bouncy castle from princesses to pirates and even choose the size, with some low height models perfect for use indoors in sports halls and community centres.

Buying a bouncy castle is a great investment for clubs and charities as you’ll never have to pay hire fees again, so everything you make goes straight to the good cause.

Of course, bouncy castles aren’t the only inflatable fun available on eBay. You’ll also find a wide range of slides, assault courses, water slides and more for you to choose from, including fully enclosed inflatable disco domes, complete with their own integral BlueTooth speakers and disco light show.

From beach balls and rubber rings to full sized bouncy castles and high slides, there are inflatables for all ages and budgets available on eBay.